Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ok so here's the deal. I was sick as hell the last few days but seem to be alright now. I am still feeling the effects of the last chemo, and I am so glad that it was the last of that particular poison. I think another and it would have landed me in the local hospital Hilton. My blood pressure is still flip flopping and my guts still feel like they are being turned inside out but I am better!

On a happy note, I retrieved my Momma from the hospital yesterday. Her surgery was a week ago today and my God she is unbelievable! She is sore as heck, this time they used staples. Yes they look just like the ones we load into our staple guns to tack up wood and stuff. She has a strong appetite and is content, the only thing I know that would make her happier is that if she got expanded cable. She only wants it so she can watch the rest of race season but when I go visit today I will ask her if she wants me to order it for her.

Oh did I mention that my hair is trying to grow back? yup I have about 1/4 inch of white stuff. Yes white, I think maybe my red hair is gone forever. We will see, the doc told me not to get use to it because the next round of chemo will most likely fry it off again. In spite of the lack of hair, it is still HOT but I blame that on the Florida weather.

Well that is about it for today, have not done much to write about. I did work on a few crafty things here and there and will try to post them on my other blog sometime today.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I May Have Crashed, But I Didn't Burn!

NOTE * If your here to see the Queen of the Night she is on the other blog about art and you can get there by clicking the link on the top right of this page.

Well what a exciting day! Started as usual, me causing a ruckus in the chemo room. I swear they are just too stoic in there! So Tama and I were talking and laughing and soon everyone in the room joined in. My "new" nurse said oh I see we have a comic in the house, my reply was oh yes they book me every three weeks, to provide you with quality entertainment. The regular nurse Kristin was there and she pipes in "oh we have missed you!"
There was a conversation about cows going on it was so dang funny I had tears running down my cheeks. A couple of the nurses that bring supplies in were talking about their pet chickens, which led to pet cows and they were trying to one up each other. Well the one nurse started talking about the names she gave her cows Mr. T and Elsie the other one say well my cowssssssssss names are Bar B Que, Brisket and Rump Roast. Why the heck I found this so funny I don't know but I couldn't let it go. But I can't help but wonder what they call the pigs!

So on with the Crash

Had my last of the koolaid (adyramycin, cyotoxin) cocktail today and my body objected heavily. I really didn't know it, I was too busy trying to keep focused on my panicked daughters face, and was speaking in a forign language obviously because no one knew what the heck I was saying, including me lol.

My blood pressure dropped suddenly from 147/87 to 99/62, I was cold, then hot, then cold ping ponging. I stopped breathing according to the machine but I swear once again I was breathing just fine, slower maybe but breathing. The heart monitor said my heart was going wonky. The questions were do you have heart problems, no I say none - what? answer the question! I did answer the damm question NO HEART PROBLEMS! ok roger that.

The nurse is a tattle tale too she is going to call the doctor and tell him how I am so he knows when I go for my shot tomorrow. Kill joy!

Well it turns out that it was either from not eating before chemo, or because the nurse was pushing it in too hard and fast. Who knows but I am ok now and don't remember that much. After that my daughter took me to lunch at Quiznos.

So any way that is done and I am happy. In three weeks I will start 12 (not 10 as origionally told) weekly treatments of Taxol. Another chemo. The doctor said it will be like a walk in the park compared to this. The nurse said, yeah well you will loose anymore hair you may have, and your nails could fall off, you could break out ect. Everyone reacts differently she said, and you will have compazine with it.
This nurse is so full of hope. She needs some "Moon" style lessons on her bedside manner to be sure, but hey guess you can't be mad at the messenger.

The one think I hope it doesn't affect is the brain cells, I am having alot of trouble with remembering what I did, when I did it and sometimes I just don't care enough to remember because well ...... I don't remember! LOL such is life and it will go on.

YeeeeeeHawwwww! sometimes ya just gotta grab life by the balls and run!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On a Positive Note!

I got some really GREAT new today! I went to the doctor and the doctor said....... next week will be your last A/C treatment! He said I only had to have the four (4) count em of the A/C. After this last one, in 3 weeks I will start the next one, of Taxol for 10 weeks uggghhhhhhhhhhhhh. That's once a week for ten weeks and then if all is good I will be done with the chemo phase of the treatments. He said that the taxol is like a walk in the park compared to the A/C so I am counting on his expertise. Hopefully it won't make me sick.

My hair is actually trying to grow, little fuzzies but not sure if I will keep it. The doc said probably not. My eyelashes are thinning in spots but I am an expert at mascara and hide it well.