Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Don't try this at home!


Anonymous said...

I love brunette 1:):) You look really good and you're just as beautiful without you hair!!
Love you!

Joyce said...

I followed you over from the In This House group. Someone is definately reading your blog. I will be a frequent visitor. I will also be calling for the mamogram that I have been putting off tomorrow. I have read all your entries from the beginning and you are an amazing inspiration. Thanks for the wake up call. Your artwork is beautiful.

Peace said...

Wow, you are so beautiful...your bald head really shows the sparkle in those gorgeous blue eyes!
Be the chameleon...
Think about altering some photos of yourself...bald and your body...
especially your will be very healing physically and emotionally.
Remember just to make them just for you. Don't plan on sharing them. You probably will share them, but you don't want any of that energy to interfere with the healing work. Bring all the positive good energy into the paintings.
Listen for the messages that the angels want you to hear.
Sending you peace, love, and light