Saturday, December 6, 2008

Update on Radiantly Yours

WhoooooooooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Ten count em! 10more to go! Monday will start my boost treatments. I am so happy that this is almost over! Hope not to repeat it anytime soon.

What I can tell you about radiation is that my poor boobie feels abused for sure. Remember what it feels like when you first become pregnant? Multiply that by 20 and there ya have it, oh wait add sunburn on top of that............yeah! But just like childbirth you will not remember the pain my dear, once it has passed. Yeah ok.

The other thing is that you would not believe how drained you get, but actually recover rather quicky (unless it is me). Example I go in, full of it and ready to rock and roll and get the raiation, suddenly I am like poof tired. Everyone that knows me will know that in a 55mph I drive 60 or 65mph HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! no more baby it is more like 35mph.

All in all though it is manageable and if you are out there worrying about your impending treatment, I got one word for ya DON'T you will be ok.

One funny thing, my doc asked me about my up and comming mamo on the other boobie. He thought I was going to get both done, silly man. I told him "NO friggin way was I ready to put my itty bitty in that damm squaching machine!!!" (exact words) and told him it was to be only the left one not the right. He laughed at me and said ya I don't blame you............hee hee like to see him do that. Ahemmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

So I am really wishing and hopeing that the other one is ok because I don't know how long I could keep up a positive attitued if it isn't.


Linda East said...

You know I am thinking men that think a mammo is no big deal should have their "testies" squished in that barbaric machine and see how they feel about that...I am really proud of you for your attitude about this ordeal and your strength. You go will only have to go slow for a while and then you will be back up to 65mphs...Does your boob glow in the dark?...Just have kept your sense of humor about all of this and they say that is a big part of healing...I pray for your speedy are a peach. Luv LE

Moonwillow said...

Oh Linda you crack me up! ya I would like to see that on some of my worse days. Glow? well hmmm not sure but I would bet if I was in a room with a black light I would lol maybe I will try that tonight.............stay tuned. ROFLMBO