Friday, July 4, 2008

Chemo, Pedicures, Manicures, Steakhouse Blues and Beads! OH MY!!!

Yesterday I went for my new chemo regime that will be for the next 12 weeks every week. The new drug of choice is Taxol. This one takes 3 hrs tops to get er done. They gave me some pre meds like Benedryl, Dexamethasone, and Lorazepam and Zofran along with some saline. This stuff almost put me in dreamland but my daughter was with me so she kept me awake. The pre meds are to keep me from getting sick from the new poison. The nurse gave me a print out, which I glanced over a little and she asked me some questions. The head nurse came over and gave me some cute little caps she was saving for me. That was sweet of her, I guess she is tired of my old ones lol but I do have my favorites. The girls there are so nice!

Afterwards I wanted to come home and take a nap but my darling 7yr old grand daughter is here so...........she and Tama decided that G'ma needed a pedicure and manicure. We went and we all got our toe nails and finger nails done.

Mai and I got patrotic and got flags on our big toes and thumbs and red with sparkles on the rest except I got fireworks on my fingernail. Tama wasn't that adventurous but still stylish. I had to be a kid of course and entertain my Mai! I got to say that pedicure thing is the way to go! You sit in a massage chair, soaking your feet in a bubble jet and this Korean girl comes and descales your feet and massages your calves and feet then she does the cuticles and cuts and files. It is so relaxing. Wish I could do it more often. I don't know what it cost but I would bet more than $100.00 for the three of us. Tama was feeling wealthy after working a 40 hr. week with 70 hrs. overtime. She is exausted but having fun with the money. You can see how swollen my hands and feet are due to the chemo and, I still have old and ugly feet and hands but hey I used them alot!

After all that we went to the Japaneese Steakhouse for dinner. It is called Osaka's. Awsome food, and way more than any of us could eat. I brought alot of it home and it will feed me a week but if it isn't gone in 3 days out it goes. I suppose I could freeze it. Tama took home 3 containers and when she woke up this morning it was all gone! Her boyfriend and his buddies got the munchies sometime durrning the night while she was finally sleeping. She wasn't so happy about that so I offered her mine but she wouldn't take it. I think when my big Sissy and my Neice come we should go there, my neice is a vegetarian and I think she would like it besides it is way cool, they cook the food in front of you on a huge grill and it is so entertaining! They do have meat for us carnivors though and seafood if you want it.

When we got back Tama left for the night and Mai and I made paper beads until 10pm. I put her to bed, she camped out on my bedroom floor, we made her a bed with the couch cushions and she was comfy. I was exausted but so wound up and couldn't sleep. I stayed up until 2am reading. Got up bright and early this am and now I can't wait for bedtime! I am still jittery from the chemo though so who knows if I will sleep. Wish me luck!


Rosie the wildwoman said...

Dear Moonwillow....Thank you so much for your comments on my Your journey is amazing and you share it with such panache. Your art is amazing as well. I admire your strength, your humor, your perseverance and your joy of living, You already have everything it takes to gracefully live the journey....I applaud you!!! and gain wisdom from your writing....Keep it up....Rosie the wildwoman

jackie said...

Hi Moonwillow - I am so proud that you continue to share the journey you are on - you're in my prayers daily and I admire your strength and humor! I really appreciate that you have taken the time to read and comment on my blog - it means so much!

I think your mirror project is awesome and I look forward to seeing the beads you and Mai created.

Bless you and your positive attitude and strong spirit!!