Friday, July 25, 2008

Today My HERO Died

Today my one and only real hero stepped on through to the other side. My hero's name you ask? Professor Randy Pauch.

In case you don't know who he is, he was the energetic, beautiful man that gave "The Last Lecture" at the Carnegie Mellon University at Pittsburgh where he was a professor.

His body was consumed with cancer, his life and time limited, but what he left behind was even more than a simple gift of true love for humankind. He left us the ultimate gifts of courage, hope, humor. He shared with us the heartbreak, laughter, dreams of adventure, faith, teaching us that life in its fullness is good.

I have been saying a lot, mostly to my kids lately that we are given gifts in our life, we are born with them, it is like a toolbox of life. It is our choice how we use the tools. We are given everything we need to survive and become whatever we want to become, well I believe that Randy Pauch knew how to use the tools and he tried desperately to teach us how to use them. He said once that as we progress through life there are roadblocks and brick walls, they are put there for a reason, we are suppose to knock them down, that is part of our purpose, our learning process. I guess that is one of the major reasons I loved this man, it is the way I have always felt about life. Too bad I didn't listen sooner, and learn how to use my tools.

Randy was enormous. It is as if he was a good soul that was on loan to us. He is gone now and will be sadly missed by this person but I do understand the process and I know that his energy abounds. I will continue to pray for his wife and children so that they may seek comfort in their time of need.

On Tuesday night, ABC will be airing a 2 hr special on Randy Pauch. I strongly urge you to watch it, even after his death he is leaving a strong message and I guarantee you will benefit some way in your life if you watch it and listen. Even if you are as healthy as an ox you will benefit.

Peace and Love Randy, enjoy your journey.

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Sharon said...

I couldn't agree more... Randy Pausch was an extraordinary person! Hope you are feeling better soon too... this has been a rough year for you!