Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Decision Day

Decided to go with the current surgeon, soooooooooooooo my first appointment with the Radiation Oncologist is next Wednesday, then on the 29th to get the injection of interferon for my sentinel node biopsy, and surgery to have the lumpectomy and node discection on the 30th.

Funny that my biggest worry is about the lymphnode stuff. I worry that it will damage my nerves and hinder my love of drawing and painting. You wouldn't believe what goes on in my head about this, worried that I will end up painting like Picasso is a frightening though. I know he was famous but not until he was dead! I have not got that scheduled into my planner! I am known for detail in my work, that is what I have always done best. Besides since I do not own a portable DVD player I plan on drawing in my art journal while undergoing the long hours of chemo. So yes I am worried.

The breast that will have the lumpectomy, and possible mastectomy can be rebuilt. Ha ha thats a good one I know it can but tell me, when I am old will I have one droopy and one stand upright? That makes a very funny picture in my mind. Sorry again for my sic sense of humor. It is all my mother's plastic surgeon fault (he rebuilt her nose out of her ear)! In his office he had a comic of two old people. The woman had beautiful breast all perky, the dream of a lifetime and the man well you know he was taking viagara BUT the rest of their bodies were all shrivled up like prunes. Well it was funny.

Love n' light

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